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Time to Review the Basics of Kids Contact Lenses

Back to School!
Time to Review the Basics of Kids Contact Lenses

dry eyes, contact lenses, Concord, ONDoes your young child or teen wear contact lenses? If so, then the back-to-school season is an ideal time to brush up on proper care and hygiene for this convenient and popular eyewear. If not, then it’s high time to consider contact lenses for your kid.

Contact lenses have been popular among teens in junior high or high school for a while. In addition, current studies show that kids as young as 8 can wear contact lenses successfully. Although parents are often surprised to hear contact lenses are appropriate for young children, their safe use has actually growing in popularity by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Benefits of Contact Lenses for Young Kids and Teens In Thornhill, Bathurst Manor & Concord, ON

Many children of all ages share that they feel more confident about their appearance and social interactions without eyeglasses perched on their nose. In addition, it is easier to participate in physical activities. Peripheral vision is enhanced and there’s no fear of eyeglasses getting smashed, knocked off, or broken. In general, kids have better sports performance with contact lenses. Parents enjoy the bonus that contact lenses cannot be misplaced, lost, or forgotten as easily as eyeglasses!

Proper Care For Contacts Is CRITICAL

It is advised to remind your kids and teens that when wearing contact lenses back to school, they must make top grades with their proper contact lenses care! When contacts aren’t cared for and disinfected properly, they can lead to serious eye infections that can cause vision loss or blindness. The risk of dangerous eye conditions such as corneal ulcers and infectious keratitis is increased greatly among young kids and teens who don’t practice good contact lens care. In the most extreme cases of these ocular complications, corneal transplants are required to restore vision.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology declared August Back to School Eye Health Month. In line with this, our Concord, Ontario, eye doctors at Lowy & Sewell would like to share a number of helpful guidelines for kids, teenagers and their parents.

Learn the Correct Rules for Contact Lenses

  • Stay out of the water when you’re wearing lenses! Even if your teen is on the swim team, it’s no excuse for diving, swimming, or soaking in a hot tub with contacts. Tap water can host the menacing parasite Acanthamoeba, which is known to cause very serious eye infections that can result in vision loss. Additionally, it goes without saying that contact lenses should never be stored in tap water.
  • Don’t sleep in lenses. Even occasional dozing in contacts raises the incidence of moderate to serious eye infection by 6.5 times!
  • Switch your contact lens case every three months. This is the best way to protect against germs breeding in the little cups. A study published by Ophthalmology journal reported that replacing your contact lens case every six months raises the risk of ocular infection by over 5 times.
  • Keep close watch on eyes! If your child experiences pain, redness, unusual discharge or light sensitivity, contact our Concord, Ontario, eye doctors immediately to schedule an eye exam. Don’t risk complications or vision damage by delaying your eye exam and treatment.

Contact Lens Options for Children & Teens

teen, contacts, optometrist, Concord, ONBack-to-school is a great time to reserve your child’s pediatric eye exam and ask us for more information about contact lenses as an alternative to eyeglasses. We’ll discuss the best contact lens options for your child, such as daily disposables, UV-absorbing daily disposables and bi-weeklies. Our Concord, ON, eye doctors will also discuss the proper care and handling of contact lenses with kids to ensure that they know how to be responsible with their new eyewear!