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Contact Lens Fitting

During your contact lens fitting, we will assess your corneal health, lids and tear chemistry to design the most suitable lens and solution system for you. At scheduled follow-up visits we will monitor the health of your eyes and quality of your vision as you adapt to contact lens wear. Lens material and solution will be modified as required. Your contact lens fitting will be performed by an Optometrist, a university educated Eye Doctor trained to diagnose, treat and prevent conditions and diseases of the eye.

Your initial contact lens fitting includes:

  • Corneal measurements and assessment
  • Assessment of the health of the eye for contact lens suitability
  • Evaluate the fit of the contact lenses on the eyes
  • Ensure that vision is clear
  • All sample contact lenses
  • Insertion and removal training
  • Training on how to care and clean for your lenses
  • Starter solution kit
  • Follow up visit to discuss any issues with you, evaluate the success of the contact lenses and make modifications as necessary before the supply of lenses are ordered
  • Yearly supplies of contact lenses can be delivered to your home or office at no charge

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